Research on Real-Time Graphics Drawings Technology in Virtual Scene

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PubDate: February 2019

Teams: Xi‘ an Technological University

Writers: Ping-Ping Liu; Yu-Chen Wu

PDF: Research on Real-Time Graphics Drawings Technology in Virtual Scene


The drawing technology of real-time graphics in virtual scenes has been continuously upgraded. The purpose of this study is to study the rapid generation algorithm of virtual campus models. Based on the analysis of the current existing Z-buffer blanking algorithm using two depth cache variables, virtual reality is used. Technology (VRML), 3D panoramic technology and computer network technology to build a virtual campus, using OpenGL programming, 3D max modeling technology, design and implementation of a virtual campus panorama roaming model to generate a Z buffer Buffering algorithm using a deep cache variable to solve To observe three-dimensional objects in a certain point of view, you can see the dotted surface of the surface of the object, and the other parts may be occluded by these parts; this algorithm can effectively blank the complex scene target virtual scene. The model was optimized and the realistic campus panorama environment was simulated using computer technology to realize a friendly and interactive virtual campus roaming system.