Enhanced redirected walking algorithm

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PubDate: April 2018

Teams: Qatar University

Writers: Mohsen Kanani; Yousif Al-Jabir; Salem Al-Ghanim; Osama Halabi

PDF: Enhanced redirected walking algorithm


The redirected walking algorithm (RDW) is a locomotion technique that gives the user the perception of walking in larger or infinite virtual environment (VE) within small and limited tracking area. The available approaches which are derived from the original algorithm such as Steer-to-Orbit (S2O) and Steer-to-Center (S2C) proved its effectiveness for certain use cases, however, it requires a very large tracking space. In this paper, we present a new algorithm that can combine the benefits of the both S2O and S2C techniques. The algorithm is based on Hypotrochoid equations which enabled us to generate many redirection paths with unique shapes. We present two new redirection paths with promising results.

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