Complaint Handling Training VR System using Customer Agent

PubDate: November 2019

Teams: University of Tsukuba

Writers: Satoru Fujita, Donghao Wang, Kazuki Okawara, Junichi Hoshino

PDF: Complaint Handling Training VR System using Customer Agent


In many customer service industries, a hospitable reception is important to increasing customer satisfaction (CS). This is especially the case when handling complaints, due to psychological pressures not usually experienced elsewhere. In conventional training methods, such as on the job training (OJT), it is difficult to cover the variety of situations that may occur rarely. In this paper, we propose a multimodal conversational Virtual Reality (VR) training system that provides complaint handling training in various customer service scenarios. Claims situations are reproduced using a 3D customer agent with an emotional voice and gestures. Complaint handling skills and psychological resistance are compared through interpersonal role play with and without VR training. User study experiments show that psychological resistance can be reduced through repeat VR system training, leading to improvements in complaint handling skills.