A skin-integrated multimodal haptic interface for immersive tactile feedback

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PubDate: Dec 2023

Teams:City University of Hong Kong;Dalian University of Technology;Hong Kong Polytechnic University;The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology;Hong Kong Shue Yan University;Beijing Institute of Technology

Writers:Ya Huang, Jingkun Zhou, Pingchuan Ke, Xu Guo, Chun Ki Yiu, Kuanming Yao, Shaoyu Cai, Dengfeng Li, Yu Zhou, Jian Li, Tsz Hung Wong, Yiming Liu, Lei Li, Yuyu Gao, Xingcan Huang, Hu Li, Jiyu Li, Binbin Zhang, Zhenlin Chen, Huanxi Zheng, Xingyu Yang, Haichen Gao, Zichen Zhao, Xu Guo, Enming Song, Hui Wu, Zuankai Wang, Zhaoqian Xie, Kening Zhu & Xinge Yu

PDF:A skin-integrated multimodal haptic interface for immersive tactile feedback


Haptic feedback can be used to improve immersion in virtual and augmented reality systems. However, wearable haptic devices typically provide limited feedback, such as simple vibration, and are restricted to a narrow bandwidth of tuneable frequency or to single tactile perceptions. Here, we report a skin-integrated wireless haptic interface that is based on actuator arrays and offers multimodal and complex feedback mechanisms. Different feedback modes—mechanical, electrotactile and thermal—in the interface are used to selectively activate different cutaneous receptors, providing users with diverse haptic sensations. The selective stimulating mechanism is inspired by the neural tactile sensing system and can reproduce tactile information of fine roughness, macro roughness, slipperiness, force and temperature.

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