Path Routing Optimization for STM Ultrasound Rendering

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PubDate: February 2020

Teams: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Writers: Héctor Barreiro; Stephen Sinclair; Miguel A. Otaduy

PDF: Path Routing Optimization for STM Ultrasound Rendering


Ultrasound transducer arrays are capable of producing tactile sensations on the hand, promising hands-free haptic interaction for virtual environments. However, controlling such an array with respect to reproducing a desired perceived interaction remains a challenging problem. In this article, we approach this problem as a dynamic mapping of virtual interactions to existing control metaphors of ultrasound devices, namely, the modulation of focal point positions and intensities over time, a method known as Spatiotemporal Modulation (STM). In particular, we propose an optimization approach that takes into account known perceptual parameters and limitations of the STM method. This results in a set of focal point paths optimized to best reconstruct an arbitrary target pressure field.