Redirected Walking with IRS-assisted Beamforming

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PubDate: Aug 2022

Teams: National Taiwan University;Academia Sinica

Writers: Keh-Yeun Liao; Chiao-Wen Lin; De-Nian Yang; Wanjiun Liao

PDF: Redirected Walking with IRS-assisted Beamforming


Remote working and virtual socializing are becoming the norm. This trend evokes the growth of virtual reality (VR). Users can explore virtual environments (VEs) with the most intuitive approach: walking. In contrast to traditional static VR experience, redirected walking (RW) enables users to walk in VEs larger than the physical space. Recent RW works aim to deliver an obstacle-free VR experience. However, they ignore the user’s cybersickness and received signal strength, which degrades the VR experience. In this paper, we investigate Path Planning with Cybersickness and IRS Control (PPCIC) in an indoor RW system with cybersickness and IRS control. We proposed an algorithm with Cybersickness Indicator (CI) and SINR Indicator (SI) to evaluate the cybersickness and received signal strength of each path. Simulation results show that our algorithm outperforms the baselines regarding the total cost, cybersickness, and received signal strength.

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